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Rabble Rousers - Agitadores

Rabble Rousers - Agitadores chronicles ordinary people who dared to dream. They used their voices, commitment and passion to organize communities to fight injustice. They moved the masses who joined the fight to try to change the world from what it was into what it should be.

Rabble Rousers - Agitadores appeals to diverse audiences by uniquely telling stories in both English and Spanish. The book spotlights social justice advocates Mother Jones, José Martí, Emmeline Pankhurst, Francis Townsend, Mohandas Gandhi, Francisco I. Madero, Nelson Mandela, Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King, Jr., Harvey Milk, Frieda Zames, Václav Havel, Aung San Suu Kyi, Rigoberta Menchú, Marina Rikhvanova, Dalia Ziada and Gabby Pacheco.

They were very different people, but all were fearless. All were relentless. They all understood that hidden within individuals was the unimaginable, miraculous, collective power of the many.

Written by Lily Eskelsen García, a sixth grade teacher from Utah and President of the National Education Association, Rabble Rousers - Agitadores is a great teaching tool for all ages. Alberto García’s colorful, captivating portraits complement the biographic sketches, creating a visual masterpiece.